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Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Community's Journal
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in Fullmetal Alchemist Trading Community's LiveJournal:

Sunday, July 20th, 2008
5:25 pm
Extras List
All cards listed here are extras, all are up for trade. Odds are good that I have several copies of some cards, so don't be afraid to ask even if someone already has before you.

Last updated: 6/24/10 Following a purchase of two boxes of Carddass Masters Part 3 and Final Part. Also added Alchemist Card Collection
Alchemist Card CollectionCollapse )

Carddass MastersCollapse )

Photo CollectionCollapse )

Joyride/Press Pass TCGCollapse )

Alchemic Card BattleCollapse )
Friday, July 18th, 2008
9:45 am
Want List
Under each cut is a separate category of cards, with expansions listed beneath.

With the exception of Carddass Masters 1, any sets not listed are not in my collection, but are wanted.

Last updated: 6/24/10 with a whole mess of Carddass from Part 3, Final Part, and Alchemist Card Collection.

Alchemist Card CollectionCollapse )
Thursday, July 17th, 2008
10:05 pm
Opening Day!
I declare this community open!... not that we have members, but hey. Whatevs.

Current Mood: triumphant
Monday, July 14th, 2008
1:33 pm
Comments and Suggestions
Please comment here with any comments or suggestions you may have regarding the community. Comments are screened.
1:28 pm
Feedback Post
In this post, comment with a sentence or two about your interaction with a trader, with Positive, Negative, or Neutral in the subject line. Comment with your main journal, and be sure to give the journal name of the person you traded with. I will add them to this post as they come in.

I also ask that you link to some kind of proof that you actually traded with this person, preferably by forwarding the e-mails you exchanged to me. If you do this, do try to keep the conversation intact, and just keep adding on top of the previous messages, so the convo is in reverse order. You may edit personal info if you wish.
1:25 pm
Problem Traders List
This is a list of people that have earned a second strike for trading problems. If you have a problem with being on this list, contact me via the channels in the userinfo. But odds are, your chances of being removed are slim, since to be on this list you have already failed to prove your case.

Luckily, so far there's no one on it.
1:21 pm
Member Site Link List
Comment here with your trading, scans, sales, or museum style site or journal, and it will be added to the list. I'll try to keep up with the main comm, but to make sure you're added, please comment here.

(Museum style is what I call a site where you have pics of the stuff you've found/gotten with it not for sale. Usually this is meant for figure collections.

Required info:
Site type (trading, scans, sales, or museum style, all that apply):
1:17 pm
Store Link List Post
This post is for a list of links to online stores that are a good resource for cards, trading figures, doujinshi, and other fandom collectibles.

If you find one not on this list, feel free to post about it on the comm, and please tag it "store link". I will then add it to this post. Please do not tag timed ebay auctions this way, however an ebay store's Fullmetal Alchemist category would qualify for posting.

You are welcome to comment to this post with any criticism or commentary regarding any of these stores, and your comments may be added to the post itself. Please put the store name into your subject.

Store linksCollapse )
12:32 pm
Extras List Link Post
First, post your Extras List either to the comm or to your personal journal, tagged "extras list".

Then, comment here using your main journal with the following information:

Your name:
Link to the post:
Other things you have to offer:
Are you willing to sell?

I will add the info to this post as it comes in

Extras ListsCollapse )
12:27 pm
Want List Link Post
First, post your want list somewhere. It can be here on the community, in your personal journal, or on another trade site, following the guidelines laid out in the userinfo.

Then, post the link here, using your main journal, with the following info:

Your name
Link to the list
Other cards you're willing to trade

As they come in, I will add them to this post

Want ListsCollapse )
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